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FM8P53 to achieve a colorful jump + gradient (assembly)

Application backgroundThis procedure can be done to control the advertising box to achieve a variety of changes! It is practical to do outdoor lighting manufacturers! The use of many manufacturers, is the backing of LED manufacturers!Key TechnologyThe program can achieve AC (AC zero synchronization)...


Genetic Algorithm VC program: used to search for extremal, maximum value of the minimum can be...


SVM-matlab process fault diagnosis fault diagnosis SVM-matlab program...

目标:手工选择视频图像上的待跟踪目标;利用块匹配的方法估计目标区域在下一帧图像中的位置;循环这个过程直到目标从图像帧中消失。 技术:avi视频流的帧读取;图...

objectives : manually select video images on the question target tracking; Use block matching methods for estimating the target region in the next frame image position; Until this process cycle from the goal frame images disappear. Technology : avi video streaming reading frame; Image frame storage...

wireless heart rate monitor

now a days wireless communication is gaining pace....even for small things we need a wireless case of public health its of immense a wireless heart rate monitor and temperature sensor comes very handy.using a 555 timer amd microcontroller 89c52 we can implement it...

Happiness is Dragon-Tiger odds 100% open source complete.

Guangdong happy very, Chongqing is always colored PHP (source code question and answer) 1. dynamic oddsDynamic odds is based on lottery numbers to figure out what betting odds, the higher or the dropIn accordance with a formula to calculate, out numbers on the much lower odds of 2. restore the amoun...


children will be playing the game Need for Speed small. Assembler. Members of the original compilation of learning some help....


The use of CCS realize the function of IIR filter, and ensure the correct....

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