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C language implementation of signal processing algorithms

C language implementation of signal processing algorithms, there are a lot of algorithms, including FFT, DPSK, FM, PCM, and so a series of algorithms for digital signal processing is helpful to learn, are the C language, if it is a simple engineering applications can be used directly, non matlab sim...

STM32 USB programming source code and notes

Under STM32 USB driver development, as well as a simple USB to use the program.USB and PC receives a GUI program to facilitate them to learn STM32 USB developer under."USB's" JoyStickMouse "routine analysis", "STM32 USB-based program development notes," These two notes...

FFT fast algorithm. Measured and correct! An order of magnitude faster than an ordinary FFT

FFT fast algorithm. Measured and correct! An order of magnitude faster than an ordinary FFT, actual testing 2048 points. In the VC environment, compile, the measured efficiency is very high. Recommended!...

TMS320F28X DSP SPI master and the slave codes

It took three days to debug code.Extract in drive d, and compile with ccs5 open.RAM works, fiddling with reduced procedure time is achieved with debug.Useful for DSP SPI communication is extremely detailed.DSP uses an internal clock initialization.SPIA as the primary station, spib from stand.Single...

Written in VC and OPGL robot control program


PLC DIY card making

A PLC based on 51 single chip the lower position machine procedure, fully compatible with fx1n plc. Highly integrated c-language learning....

Two-level SVPWM DSP28335 program


SMBus Read BQ2040 battery

space:nowrap;">smbus读BQ2040电池电量 单片机读BQ2040电池电量....

SIM900A call send SMS TCP / IP communication


micropython stm32 controller project

size:16px;">micropython stm32 控制器项目。这些项目基本制度 stm32 的手臂。将会有这些平台板的样例项目。...

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