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STM32-based GPS reading

STM32 read the GPS data and displayed on the OLED display, which is timely help for people who do flight controller can be fixed with a GPS set high flying. Play HM people do not miss ah....

adaboost and Haar, contain training and detection,detect face recognition


The navigation simulation

size: 18.0180187225342px;"> PINS工具盒,它包含了许多导航的情况,已被证明是正确,有不同的导航模式,值得学习和借鉴...

IT men Special-purpose special express program

This program is a small creative program, a software developer for relax, made a express program of an applet, very interesting, relevant knowledge of the c programming language is used, can be very good to use c language program, combining theory and practice....

Compute unstable-state convective heat transfer in two dimensional model

The code has been tested. The result is the process of parameters changing after injecting heated fluid into the flow field, which can be imported to tecplot directly to observe. How the temperature, pressure, velocity and intensity change over time is included. The staggered grid, simple algorithm...

OpenCV plane calibration method


7022B power meter

This file contains 7022B code, with simulated SPI communication, connections between the internal code uses the struct struct. Interior and chip description, program examples, and power instruments articles. The files can be viewed as a 7022B small repositories, with lot of extracts, and want to hel...

Optimized arm AAC

size:16px;">arm 优化的AAC ,采用的是定点运算,主要针对对ARM 进行了优化。在使用过程中有什么问题,请联系本人。谢谢。...

Calculation of the coverage of wireless sensor

Within the monitored area of the 500*500, the random deployment of 110 to a sensor node. The sensing RADIUS is 60, sensing an angle of 90 °. Its fixed-location, sensing direction adjustable in program change 50 times to get the sensor direction, achieve maximum coverage, and sensing coverage maximu...

sim908 embedded AT protocol

Embedded AT for sim908 modems. In the file you have sim900 development IDE and instructions to use Eclipse IDE with simcom EAT. Example files and compiler. RVCT compiler is required to run...

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