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8,051 rolling decoding HCS301

8,051 rolling decoding 433M HCS301, rolling the encryption algorithm, the complete works, you can compile and merit reference and reference, Keil compiler platform...

TIFF format image data reading program


SVPWM motor driver

pos="8|12,0|8" right-pos="8|12,0|8" space="" style="font-family:arial;color:#333333;font-size: 14px; line-height: 22px;">The main idea of SVPWM is based on symmetrical three-phase sine wave voltagepower supply of motor stator three-phase symmetric ideal flux circle...

Voice activity detection

speech segments effectively improve coding speed and improved voice quality...

STM32 integrated project

family:宋体;">本综合项目设计电子图书、数码相框、音乐播放、应用中心、时钟、系统设置、FC 游戏机、收音机、记事本、运行器、 3D、手写画笔、照相机、录音机、 USB 连接、 TOM 猫、无线传书、计算器。...

TMS320F2808-based solar inverter engineering source

SPACE: nowrap">基于TMS320F2808的太阳能逆变器工程源码实现功能: (1)发送PWM波正常(2)按键正常,缓起正常(3)幅值追踪市电正常(有一项驱动管有问题,输出电压高于其他两相) (4)多种保护功能、过流、过压、缺相、过载、短路等...

Cminus syntax analysis

Based on Kenneth c. Louden made of tiny language compiler modification of cminus syntax analysis, including lexical analysisWritten by c language....

Unscented particle filter (UPF)


STM32-based AD9854 driver functions

AD9854 driver based on the STM32F103RBT6 function, test output maximum 100M frequency distortion, output amplitude of 500mV...

Gaussian noise, the 2008_TSP papers and MATLAB,c language

size:16px;">这是论文2008_IEEE_TSP_Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding的算法实现,能够较好的进行音频降噪,压缩包中提供了论文原文,matlab实现,c语言实现,C语言需要自己建立工程,vs或者linux 都可以,也有编译好的可执行...

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