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Turbo decoding code in c language

family:'Microsoft YaHei', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;color:#111111;font-size:15px;line-height:26px;background-color:#FDFDFD;">本代码包含了经典的turbo码代码,3gpp交织器的研究,调制方式包含BPSK、QPSK和8PSK;译码程序完全是自己写的,已经完整测试了。 ...

Simulink magic tire model

In this code, we will go through a series of actual parameters to compare the mode parameter in the formula, and finally select an optimal set of parameters, tire model building....

Four rotor aircraft

Application backgroundFour rotor aircraft design information, including the capacity of the design, control code reference, the use of all the chips, to improve the beginners very helpful. Four rotor aircraft applications have great market space in the aerial.Key TechnologyFour key points of the des...

3 phase stepper motor driver source code

Application backgroundCommercial 3 phase stepper motor driver source code, vector control + current closed loop...

Based on the niosII SD card read-write procedure

write procedure, I was running on DE2 Board, you can read and write to files, suitable for porting to other platforms, the file system is FAT16 and FAT32 format, and does not support other file formats....

LPC17xx series M3 ARM controller programming packages

space:normal;">NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;NXP 官网最新的权威的针对LPC17xx系列M3 ARM控制器的编程文件包;...

3 ds imported into Opengl available source, model plane (c language version

Used to 3 ds Max file imports into the opengl example source code, debugging is available under the vs2010, is well worth a look at the file content simple and clear, very telling...

Freescale smart car competition steering control program


UAV flight control system

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">德国人做的飞行控制系统的代码...

7zip c and c++ source code

The source code of the 7zip, VC++ platform, c is the decompression algorithms, c++ compression decompression algorithm, suitable for friends, I am looking for ZIP compression algorithms, pure c language and hope to get your help, thank you!...

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