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Dispersion curves computation

modal characteristics, divided into symmetric modes and anti-symmetric modes, with a common method for calculation and analysis of very complicated, this program through the MATLAB programming very good dispersion curves are calculated, for personnel engaged in research in this area to solve a probl...

staggered grid finite difference elastic wave modeling

size:16px;">这是一个简单但有用的标准交错的网格有限差分弹性波建模 c 代码写自己。完全匹配的层技术用于吸收人工反射从边界。它是一个好的教程代码,为那些想要学习如何以模拟地震波的传播。...

V4L2-based image acquisition, format and save it as jpg,bmp,YUV

size:16px;">本程序是基于v4l2的视频采集,采集jpg格式图片的时候必须先添加,jpeg第三方库才能够得到,本程序适应于任何usb摄像头。下载的源码里面有 三方库的安装方法以及三方库的源码包,直接打开可用。编译程序运行前,请...

MSP430 and CC1101 based environmental monitoring system

size:16px;">                            这个工程是在TI MSP430F5529开发板上开发实现的,430单片机通过硬件SPI与CC1101进行通信,实现温度(DS18B20), 湿度(DHT11),光照(BH1750)...

Development Board steval-idb002v1 series sample code


IEEE802.15.4 source code


FFT of DSP c (F2812)

点复 FFT 对复杂的顺序执行。最后,由此产生的 N-点复杂的输出解压缩到另一个 N + 1 点复杂序列,对应于光谱纸盒 0 到 N2N 点真实的输入序列。光谱纸盒 0 到 N 是充足的作为所剩余的垃圾箱 N + 12N 1 是共轭复数光谱分类箱 N-1 到 1...

STC11F16XE driver 4 a stepper motor (16 segments of software implementation)


stm8 I2C_Slave application

The code shows how to use stm8 device for I2C comms.It uses an interrupt for I2C slave device to access data. Main.c uses the slave source file to send/receive data.The code has been tested and is fully functioning....

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