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能够打开双相机进行三维重建,重建速度不错,  Ÿ   Windows 7 64位旗舰版 Ÿ   OpenCV SVN (v2.4.9) Ÿ   x64 应用...

Self balancing vehicle source code

The source code through the acquisition of MPU6050 data acquisition, encoder feedback to control the motor rotation speed information. By swinging back and forth to meet self balance. Application of PID algorithm...

Automatic detection of audio quality

Application backgroundWAV file can be automatically read, by testing the quality of the quality and the quality of the standard match, given scoring. "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "Key Technology"" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" ""...

Renesas four axis aircraft code

Application backgroundIn electronic contest to write code, made of two pieces of Renesas flight control, a piece posturing, the calculated height, another device control and some of the features to achieve, the fly has no problem, just a ultrasonic module high is not a problem, share to everybody, y...

There are detailed notes of the brushless DC motor

Application backgroundThere are detailed notes of the brushless DC motorKey TechnologyMainly used for electric bicycle motor control, speed control system. Achieve no Holzer, there is Holzer switch. Double closed loop control of speed and speed....

RBF neural network for prediction of grinding data

Application backgroundThrough the training of RBF neural network, data for grinding data, four input, one output...

And Gate With Cellular automata

and gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellular automataand gate with cellula...

Triple Axis Accelerometer Sensor Library for PIC

This library is write to use ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer.First use adxl345_init() to initial SPI and ADXL345. If returned 0 it's initialed correctly.You can use:...

Gesture recognition code

This is a more complete gesture recognition program, the division include hand gesture modeling, gesture recognition. High accuracy rate, which matches the stage, using a neural network training data set to identify...

Servo control and motion control system based on Zynq platforms

Use ZED System design of multi-axis synchronous control system is developed, not only for the development of multi-axial control system, the promotion of important engineering value. Meanwhile, will contribute to the theory analysis and engineering design of multi-axis control systems combined with...

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