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Gobang code

Use c language programming backgammon game features.Function:Man-machine to the next; the undo; three chess reminded; color control;Simple game the two men go program...

Process scheduling experiment (c language)


Self balancing car

Application backgroundAttitude settlement source: containing MPU6050, barometer, magnetic meter and other driver source code....


space:normal;">excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.. excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.....

Mowing the lawn

Have a lawn n*m (1<=n,m<=100), Prairie heights in the lawn is 100. Now use the mower to mow the lawn, to get a variety of patterns. Lawn mower only horizontal or vertical mowing. Mowing would first set a height cut height setting after the grass is cut into a set of height. Grass turned out to...


GSM_HR说明文档   GSM_HR.rar 说明:用于存放ANSI_C_code_GSM_HR.zip或GSM 06.06(prETS 300 967)半速率话音C代码.zip的源代码。      注:original文件夹中的ANSI_C_code_GSM_HR.zip和GSM 06.06(prETS 300 967)半速率话音C代码.zip代码内容...

Gaussian background modeling

Using OpenCV library function to establish the background Gaussian model, using on-line EM algorithm update background. Then use background and foreground match moving prospects through certain algorithms, you can eliminate shadows, but the effect is not very good....

High precision frequency meter

size:11pt;">本系统基于 C8051F020 实现等精度的频率测量, 利用该单片机灵活的控制功能及速 度优势,大大提高了性能和测量精度。以往的测频都是采用高频段直接计数、低频段间接测周 的方法,其测量精度往往会随着被测频率...

Infrared universal remote control

  Original smart home with infrared remote control device, able to learn and burn the pulse signal of the remote control and integration of remote control keys...

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