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Process scheduling experiment (c language)

Read and debug of a "highest-priority priority" scheduling schedule the six processes simulation program. Through this program, read, we can deepen understanding of process concepts and process scheduling algorithm. Process scheduling algorithm focuses on the master priority algorithm Youx...

Self balancing car

Application backgroundAttitude settlement source: containing MPU6050, barometer, magnetic meter and other driver source code....


excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.. excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.. excel_用C操作_包含读,写,删.简单的调用实例.....

Mowing the lawn

Have a lawn n*m (1<=n,m<=100), Prairie heights in the lawn is 100. Now use the mower to mow the lawn, to get a variety of patterns. Lawn mower only horizontal or vertical mowing. Mowing would first set a height cut height setting after the grass is cut into a set of height. Grass turned out to...

Optimize for power distribution

In power systems, implement safe and economic operation of the system is of great significance to the development of the national economy, so that starting from the 30 's, for economic load dispatch of power plants all over the world, system security economic dispatch, optimal power flow, and makes...

Coordinated source code

Based stm32 V3.5 libraries, by collecting data zigbee module, forwarded to the server via tcpip modules, server processing and then passed through zigbee module by module tcpip...

generating random number with single server

Hello there!     Note that the theoretical answer for the mean queue length is by an arriving customer  in this system is given by ' h/(a–h)'  where h is the mean service time of a customer, and 'a' is the mean time between arrivals of successive customers.    Having...

Taller basico arduino. Apernda a usar la tarjeta y haga una aplicacion

The basic programming and Arduino, instructions and compile a program.The procedure described in this paper into the programming of Arduino and present three examples. The first is the opening and closing of a LED, in the second display program&...

The first example Fanhua tutorial

Sinusoidal signal simulators labwindows open wave (512,2.0,0.0,1.0) produced according to acquire clear images Clear quit quit...

C macro definition

His summary of commonly used macro definitions, 51 is useful for code management, others can also refer to a look, learn more about writing is always good, and uploading for the first time, will continue to upload your own code or feel good summary or something for everyone, do not like do not spray...

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