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write c Minesweeper game

C language implementation of Minesweeper, Minesweeper that come with the system, like Windows programming can help you learn the c programming language...

Diming control

This title is dimming control using control led. 10step is high, 1step is low. The benefit is controlling the led. also, using the avr micom, easy to develop the product and the sample. This code is reference only. if you make the product, change the source. ok? T...

Random character puzzles

Easy language is used to write a game program, you can make personalized jigsaw puzzles, you can select the puzzle you want to see more pictures, you can also select number of puzzle pieces, hard choices...

Car PArking

This File contain the all File C code , Circuit diagaram for Car parking prototype .it is better explained in the programThe project is designed in Proteus for simulation....

Maximum child segments and source code

The code used for the biggest field and, phrase or graduate algorithms course work at the University. Of course, the source code is a good example of practice algorithm....

stm led code

led c code for stm8s without using library function of stm8s. i used cosmic compiler with stvd software.Attached code is in c language.below c code shows blinking of led....

slip related code

  Slattach (); slopen (); slinit (); slinput (c, TP); sloutput (IFP, m, DST, RTP); slstart (TP), slip Protocol related functions....

Shutdown reboot logoff procedure

Compressed project files, compiled in Visual Studio 2012 + Windows 8 64bit pass. Main procedures shutdown log off restart function, the window simply by selecting it....

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