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STM32 port DMA transfer

STM32 port DMA transfer serial DMA transfer...

ZigBee-based simple protocol basic-RF ADC+ serial port + Hibernate

The protocol stack provided with TI's official website basic-RF, prepared by the launch of peer to peer acceptance process, node a collect two external voltage, through RF emission to node b, node b through the serial tell launch voltage which gathers information through the serial port to PC...

Snake program

Application backgroundSnake is a well-known puzzle games, choose the topic first, in order to own the knowledge to be used, the second is always the game Snake is deeply attracted me, and its production method for before I are very mysterious. I hope that through my own knowledge to analyze it, I re...

SI4432 wireless module transmitter

Application backgroundSI4432  is a 444MHZ wireless transmitter chip, can transmit receive data from the remote, this code to add the relevant information data, data acquisition can be transmitted to receive, can be used for things, data acquisition, wireless control, and so on.Key TechnologySI44...


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