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DTW-based speech recognition algorithm source code and documentation

This is a speech recognition algorithm based on DTW's c language implementation of the code, feature extraction and acoustic analysis...

SSL cyclone source code, can be transplanted in various types of embedded operating system, including the underlying code of a variety of chips

II, FreeRTOS, typical for all types of applications, such as TCP / IP, DNS, DHCP, SNMP have come down in one continuous line source code, have been successful in RX62N chip of the transplant and test....

STS protocol library

STS meters commonly used library, outside common prepaid metering will be used, if it is useful, please contact me, including prepaid charging charging money, managed code, and so on a series of physiological data, provided a not convenient for use....

Tube mechanisms to resolve North-South Bridge problem


HART from software


On-board diagnostic code

related source code, include a detailed description of the connection, development and diagnostic development of OBD systems are very inspired, and we wish to communicate a lot with it!...



Based on lwip TCP and serial port data transmit

Lpc1758 to lwip transplantation without any system to achieve TCP and UART transport available from PC Web terminals write data to UART serial terminals and PC displays, you can also write data from a PC serial port terminal and PC network terminal display...

1.11.4 VeriFone EOS


Stm32f1 inverter SPWM and AD acquisition

loop control,Key TechnologyThe use of stm32f107 advanced timer to generate a bipolar SPWM waveform, control thyristor switch to reverse into the required waveform...

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