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IF97 water and steam properties calculated for C source code

Water and water vapor as an important working fluid in the power plant thermal power engineering has been widely used. Joint Study Group Germany, Russia, Britain, Canada and other G-7 12 scientists proposed a new formula for calculating water and steam, in the International Federation held in 1997 i...

souce code for kinematics of six-axis robot

a source code for the kinematics of a six-axis or less-axis robotIt is implemented with C language...

Attitude solution (fusion 9 axis data)

Application background9 axis data fusion solution attitude, has been verified successfully in the four rotor platform...

ECC encryption algorithm for c source code

ECC encryption algorithm c source code ECC encryption algorithm c source code ECC encryption algorithm c source code...

APM control source code (V2.7)

This code is the APM control of the source code, version V2.7, can provide design reference for interested in flight control of friends, especially the designers todesign of flight control system of an entry-level, can make them l...

Retinex MSRCR algorithm for

Retinex OpenCV algorithm can be run directly, slightly improved algorithm parameters can implement functions such as SSR,MSR,MSRCR. Retinex Theory is the theory of the color of an object is made up of objects on long wave (red), medium (green), short-wave (blue) light reflection to make a dec...

Fingerprint recognition source code

Gabor-based fingerprint identification system, there is source code, Demo, fingerprint image preprocessing, Gabor enhanced binarization, thinning, feature point extraction, preservation and template matching....

SM2 algorithm source code contains test procedures and instructions for use

SM2 algorithm source code, which contains testing procedures and instructions for use encryption and decryption and signature verification check generates a key pair   very convenient and can be placed directly into the program after you use can also be compiled into a DLL called   in line...

DTW-based speech recognition algorithm source code and documentation

This is a speech recognition algorithm based on DTW's c language implementation of the code, feature extraction and acoustic analysis...

Pure soft motion control source code, including the algorithm (control board and PC through USB connection)

Application backgroundIn order to source, buy the control board, to share with you.USB control and control of 16.1 can be used for multi axis engraving machine for high-speed motion control. Can automatically reset automatic breakpoint record, dropped connection. The default support 8 axis linkage,...

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