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C read wav files


Weather decision tree source code

indent:15.75pt;"> Calculate the entropy of branch "Sunny" branch with 2 example 3 a counterexample, it expects the volume of information required for: M (sunny) =-2/5*Log2 (2/5), -3/5*Log2 (three-fifths) =0. 971 bits "Cloudy" branch, containing 4 0 a counterexample: M (for cloudy days) =...

Image processing algorithm based on affine transformation


Graduation design four axis motion


C binary search tree data structures, programming exercises


Kalman filtering for solving attitude

size:14px;">Kalman, encapsulates a complete, easy to understand, newbie readily used in your own program, more easily transplanted into your own programs. Applied to Freescale Semiconductor smart car, attitude algorithm of micro air vehicles....

Looking for the shortest path problem

A* shortest path finding code written in c language. Manhattan algorithm, Euclidean algorithm, Chebyshev method and weighted four Manhattan algorithm calculates the shortest path algorithm. You can choose to use the algorithm for the shortest path calculation....

(C51) read/write FAT32 file source code


YUV video display

size:16px;">Use DDRAW developed YUV video directly display MFC, convenient video development colleagues.DDRAW for Microsoft for the development of image processing plug-ins, you can include the appropriate library file,Will be transferred to the appropriate interface functions....

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