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Mowing the lawn

Have a lawn n*m (1<=n,m<=100), Prairie heights in the lawn is 100. Now use the mower to mow the lawn, to get a variety of patterns. Lawn mower only horizontal or vertical mowing. Mowing would first set a height cut height setting after the grass is cut into a set of height. Grass turned out to...


GSM_HR说明文档   GSM_HR.rar 说明:用于存放ANSI_C_code_GSM_HR.zip或GSM 06.06(prETS 300 967)半速率话音C代码.zip的源代码。      注:original文件夹中的ANSI_C_code_GSM_HR.zip和GSM 06.06(prETS 300 967)半速率话音C代码.zip代码内容...

Infrared universal remote control

  Original smart home with infrared remote control device, able to learn and burn the pulse signal of the remote control and integration of remote control keys...

Contour detection code

"[the OpenCV getting started guide] third article Canny edge detection"introduced the edge detection, this article introduces the principle ofcontour detecting, contour detection is popular to say that the emptyinterior points, such as...

Study on indoor positioning

size:16px;">摸索了些,关键是几个参数自己一定要选对,否则测量精度大打折扣,定位的时候发现3个节点定位。 ,和n,y位为小数,所以要做相应处理(整数要左移两位) 值要再处理一下。rssi,但是cc2430,有高手指教一下。...

generating random number with single server

Hello there!     Note that the theoretical answer for the mean queue length is by an arriving customer  in this system is given by ' h/(a–h)'  where h is the mean service time of a customer, and 'a' is the mean time between arrivals of successive customers.    Having...

Maze solving in data structure

Write this algorithm is to load a good maze, and apply this algorithm to solve the maze will solve the maze path displayed on the screen. This algorithm is easy to understand, suits the beginner wants to strengthen the capacity of programming....

Chomsky's grammars to determine

This program is written in c language compiler principle experiment using arrays to store. By an array of actions, judged on grammar and grammar rules. Final decision is what kind of grammar....

Image Stitching

space:nowrap;">图像拼接原代码,VC++,图像拼接在制作全景图的过程中具有重要作用。对多幅图像进行特定模式投影后, 用约束的相位相关度法求取水平垂直偏移量,然后寻找最佳缝合线,实现图像拼接, 最后采用多分辨率算法对...

MEPG4 codec algorithms and source code, DEMO,


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