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STM32 gamepads based programs

Perfect STM32 gamepad program, a very good learning materials on HID, this is a company which did race car steering wheel, game steering wheel, a project without a test, has a steering wheel, throttle, brakes, and other functions...

STM32-based optical flow sensor

Very good localization procedures, can be used to measure rotational speed measure the horizontal displacement measurement, spacecraft hover, target tracking using c language simple, is basically only need to change the port to use with MPU STM32F103....


This program is when I was doing the washing machine motor, use STM32C8T6 as the main chip motor control system program, with PID feedback loop program, the program has been debugged and use between the main TIM1 and TIM2 motor control from the relationship, my motor system uses a Hall sensor feedba...

Quadrocopter program

STM32-based four-axle vehicle source code, MPU6050 and GPS and wireless transmission, for basic debugging four-axle vehicle must have the help function....

Open source CANOPEN

CANopen is a LAN architecture in the control path (Control Area Network, CAN) protocol on the rise, communication sub-sub-agreements, including agreements and equipment commonly used in embedded systems, industrial control is a commonly used to ......

PLX pcipcie interface IC WDM driver program

PLX chip WDM pcipcie interface driver source, suitable for Plx8000;Plx6000;Plx9050;Plx9030;Plx9080;Plx9054;Plx9056;Plx9656 Plx8311. -PLX pci pcie interface chip WDM driver source code for Plx8000 Plx6000 Plx9050 Plx9030 Plx9080 Plx9054 Plx9056 Plx9656 Plx8311....

C51 WS2811 source code

Useful ws2811 control source code, project files, 89C52 22MHz, help a lot to the beginner who just entering SCM industry . ...

STM32 stepping motor plus deceleration program

Application backgroundCan be used to the automation, mechanical hand and so need to accurately control the stepper or servo motor occasions, can greatly save costs.Key TechnologyIt can be gradually added to the speed of 3000, ladder and triangle to accelerate the speed of the automatic calculation o...

Portable CANOpen code, the latest version of the CanFestival3.10

Application backgroundSome time ago to learn CanFestival3-10 protocol,, CanOpen, STM32, VC, QT, and other platforms, because of the online resources, take many detours, the use of the process is gradually exposed various problems, such as OD string transmission, heartbeat time is not accurate, and n...

Cc2540 driver example

The example code for TI official driving. ADC CLK DMA Flash I2C IO powermode Rnd sleeptimer SPI Timer1 UART WDT these relatively common example driven. Cc2540 is very helpful. The example code for TI official offer some of the driver. Contains the adc CLK dma flash i2c IO powermode RND sleept...

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