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LabVIEW is called WinCE LED driver

Feel that content of this practice is to learn how to deceive the LabVIEW compiler. Of course this work by a compiler, you need to understand the mechanism. Below is a simple example called------WinCE LED lamp driver.1, using VC to write a dynamic-link library procedure code is as follows: #includee...

Single or multiple 18B20 in 51 under the SCM display

Single or multiple 18B20 in 51 MCU display of the program, including: a singleread serial number. Two, matching and read two LCD1602 displayProgram: degree sequence number, and 1602 from the left to the right are low to...

use passthru to implement ip redirection

Passthru ndis driver, according to the character of the word modify the packet to reach the redirection feature...

I am on the I2C device summary, I feel okay, sent to friends

Application backgroundI2C (Integrated Circuit Bus Inter): is the Philips company launched the serial bus standard (for the second tier system). Bus expansion of external devices and peripherals interface addressable through a bus, have high bus arbitration and low-speed device synchronization and ot...

IO Linux memory instance

Obtain card information of Linux system, including the physical address, IP address, subnet mask and other detailed information, access to the network card list need to obtain from /pro/net/dev file, open the file, then read the contents can be, the acquisition card information main function is iotc...

Serial LCM column

128x64LCM microcontroller based ARM application (serial interface)ARM microcontroller is 32 bits, and 51 SCM is 8 bits, the function of ARM microcontroller to much better than 51 single-chip, and its price has been very low, from the perspective of development, ARM microcontroller will occupy the li...


嵌入式ARM开发板下,输入子系统的驱动程序,调试通过,内容只要是按键输入子系统。 嵌入式ARM开发板下,输入子系统的驱动程序,调试通过,内容只要是按键输入子系统。 嵌入式ARM开发板下,输入子系统的驱动程...

Measurement captures inputs signal cycle

Measuring capture input signal cycle #pragma data:code const unsigned char table[]={0x3f,0x06,0x5b,0x4f,0x66,0x6d,0x7d,0x07,0x7f,0x6f, 0x77,0x7c,0x39,0x5e,0x79,0x71}; //Seven-segment decoder font list (common cathode)...

U-boot transplantation

Just a folder inside U-boot transplant procedures. Step inside is very clear! Needy students can take a look, this is good stuff about the system migration on...

MSP430 on LCD da712 in source

Dac7512  is a high performance digital to analog converter, using MSP430 can be driven directly, dac7512 conversion of high precision, by testing the source power has been applied to the design of such topics ... Can directly call ......

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