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Clock chip based on 51 SCM

chip microcomputer's driver, driving the clock chip DS1302, 1602 LCD display available day of week time hours minutes seconds, and other information, quite useful! For reference only learning practical!...

SPI-driven example, RTC-max6902

This is a LINUX under the SPI driver instance, for starters, there will be a great help, it's not my original, forget downloading from where we hope to effect...

CSE7780 51 code

Test CSE7780 own power chip microcontroller code 51, the choice STC12 series chip, providing simulation routine part contains an internal clock, no words can directly commented...

LPC214X 12864 LCD driver


Mini2440_nrf24l01 drive


Object Hook example

Demonstrates the use of OBJECT HOOK technology, including driver and test cases, code, are useful for learning object hook...

SMS Controller

size:16px;">本应用指南描述了如何使用 avr 单片机控制 GSMmodem.The 调制解调器和主机之间的接口是一个名为海耶斯 AT 命令的文本协议。这些命令启用电话设置、 拨号、 文本消息传递等。GSM 调制解调器用于设置和控制的协议基于对...

xDSL System Simulation Model

size:16px;">很好的 c 源代码,xDSL 通信模型的仿真、 渠道增强程序、 嵌入式的 DMT 模型时-频域转换,如何精炼筛选器设计,计算有效区,包含识别算法执行的代码,用 c 编写的代码的那一部分。...

I2C and UART driver for MB9BF506

I2C driver for micro MB9BF506 and a 24LC08 EEPROMA function to read a buffer from an addressA function to write a buffet to an addressA function to clear the entire eepromA function to read the entire eeprom...

Ring buffer

Application background serial communication driver for lpc1768 using ring buffer. uart handler, send and receive on interrupt based. Key Technology UART RS232 protocol, ARM CORTEX M3, tested at 19200 baud rate...

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