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Difference between stack, examples of demo

Describes in detail the stack, heap, and stack difference and gives examples explaining...


支持串并行接口的12864,主控为ST7920A,还有源码参考。 DI EQU P3.7 E EQU P3.5 RST EQU P3.2 cs1 equ p3.0 cs2 equ p3.1 ;本测试程序中CS1,CS2=H ,RW =>GND ORG 0000H LJMP MAIN ORG 0003H LJMP LINTO ORG 0100H MAIN: NOP clr ea clr cs1 clr cs2 CLR E lcall init MO...


≪> books, a rare good books about LINUX driver development....

C tutorial for beginners

Here is a book about C programming. It is very interesting for beginner preogramming. The book inclues topics: - C language overview - C Environment setup - C program structure - C basic Syntax - C data types - C variables - C storge classes - C loops...

C programming language quality

This document is a program written by experienced programmers, and general tutorial book is not the same, the book is a summary of the main talking about some of the problems of programming, their own views, not suitable for beginners, suitable for a certain programming basics friend....

Modbus communication protocol specification, the detailed description of Modbus communication protocol and the specific application

Modbus communication protocol descriptionShared communication protocolA detailed description of the three formatsmodbus master and slave in the basic structure of the descriptionUtility program to test the Modbus architecture online demo demo machine code detailed explanationApplications rare detail...

MSC121X system principle and application of single-chip microcomputer (China machine press)

Book from a practical point of view, introduces United States Texas Instruments's new high-performance system based on 8051 kernel-level SCM MSC121X. Increment summation series comes with a 24-bit high accuracy a/d converters, programmable-gain amplifier and programmable filters, 3 times double spee...

Flight control system

Application background"Fly by wire flight control system," the full e-book, the theory of combining the actual, to explain the thorough, the flight control field of fans, students, engineers are a good reference....


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