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Implemented VC2008 PNG image format to TIFF

VC2008 use PNG image formats TIFF, uses libpng and libtiff library functions, from reading PNG images, configuring the TIFF format, using the library functions in the function, the structure is clear, experiment, convert a picture without color distortion, the effect is very good, suits the beginner...

A variety of image segmentation algorithm

Using OpenCV image processing tool kit in VC6.0 platform for image processing. Image region grows, Canny operator, a parallel region segmentation, serial boundary segmentation, image segmentation algorithms and segmentation of images can be very good for beginners to learn...

A Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies Wavelet Transform - D4 And The Theory of Entire Cross Point Regions, Crosspoint 2D

Abstract— Thispaper presents Lossy Coding Scheme for Images by Using The Daubechies WaveletTransform – D4 and The Theory of Cross Point Regions with Entire Cross PointRegions (LS-HWT&ICRs), Crosspoint 2D . The base of this statement is the effect of Graycoding on cross points which are neigh...


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