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A simple example for multithreading and semaphore

This example implements a reading room model.Suppose there are 8 seats in the reading room and 5 seats in the waiting room.The readers' action will be like this:1) A reader registers his information in the front desk before he enters the reading room. He logs out after he leaves. The front desk can...

Design of process scheduling algorithm

left:42.0pt;text-indent:-21.0pt;">n  进程通过定义一个进程控制块的数据结构(PCB)来表示; n  每个进程需要赋予进程ID、进程到达时间、进程需要运行的总时间的属性; n  在RR中,以1为时间片单位; n  运行时,输入进...

Memory monitoring

Design a memory monitor can display current system memory usage in real time, including the system address space layout, the usage of physical memory; real-time display of a process's virtual address space layout and working set information....

Leon's UNIX-based x86 Implementation code



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