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brjtag v1.9o src

Broadcom EJTAG Debrick Utility - by hugebird...

MFRC522 source code - Drawings - Documentation

MFRC522 source code - drawings - documents that contain C code, there are two, MSP430 and C51. Code is to achieve M1 card reader with MFRC522, preparation of specifications, practical reference, collection necessary.Drawings are Protel99 formats, including schematics and PCB source files, reference,...

C8051F350 using single-chip microcomputer temperature and humidity sensor AM2311 temperature and humidity logging code

C8051F350 using single-chip microcomputer temperature and humidity sensor AM2311 temperature and humidity logging code. This is the code that I wrote it myself, and AM2311 temperature and humidity sensors using I2C communication, Needy students can look at. At that time, I did not found when...

student management system

A student information system (SIS) is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Also known as student information management system (SIMS), student records system (SRS), student management system (SMS), campus management system (CMS) or school management system (SMS...

Tsai 3d camera calibration

n many computer vision applications a camera already calibrated is considered. This means that a model of the internal camera parameters is available. This model can be provided by the manufacturer or computed using a known target (usually a chessboard plane) This situation, called pose estimation,...


It is a code for monitor PSU statsus and transfer the information via UART to console . The development tooling is Ride 7 -C816 .      ...

ZigBee collecting temperature and humidity process

ZigBee collection procedures used to collect the temperature and humidity temperature and humidity to serial displays...

adaMiniCompiler using lex

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Nonlinear Regression

C code that will perform nonlinear regression for the data given in the file which contains 61 x; y values of the equation y = a0(1 - exp(a1x)) with x = 1....

Simple Generating Barkers Codes

it is simple generator of barker's string. it can coded char strings into the bites string & varify it ......


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