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C code PIC project

Standard Rules Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 by Michael Barr Over the summer I happened across a brief blog post by another firmware developer in which he presented ten C coding rules for better embedded C code. I had an immediate strong negative reaction to half of his rules and later...

Skinchenni avtomaty

#include<conio.h> #include<iostream.h> int i=0,b=0,c=0,k=0,z=0; char a[50],x; int m[3][2],stat=0; int main(void) {   m[0][0]=1;  m[0][1]=0;   m[1][0]=2;  m[1][1]=0;   m[2][0]=2;  m[2][1]=3;   m[3][0]=0;  m[3][1]=4;   m[4][0]=0; ...


Full code for implementation of an AVL tree. Balance, Menus, Ready to compile. It´s in Spanish, but you can easily understand it. It was for a Dinamic structures class of programing on C, A for sure. Also, I made the interface simple and efficient.  ...

Microcontroller program

Single-chip 89C52, Guo Tianxiang hl8051 Development Board General, basic general from 2013 experimental Board before, procedures streamlined, efficient, concise comments clear   suitable for beginners to learn, ACE can help to improve the key part ... Thank you...

Customer Application - An application that acts as a system used in shops with customer & products database including stock control

This is an application that acts as a system that is used in shops. It includes a customer database i.e. it can hold a database f customers with several details. It also has a products database i.e. the application can hold a list of products the shop sells. Finally, it also has an orders database f...

Snake game using C

This project is basically designed in c using the basic programming concepts ...It enable the user to play the snake game interactively.....All the list of registered and played users along with their score is stored in a file named "record"...It also uses File Handling concept......

Morse Code

A Console converter which translates Morsecode to Alphabetic Letters and the same way round....

Word Count

C written Console application which calculates the word count of an inserted text. Good for educational purpose....

Prime Numbers Calculator (Sieve of Eratosthenes)

C written Console application that calculates prime numbers with use of the "Sieve of Eratosthenes"....

LDPC MinSum Decoder implementation

I write a minsum decoder for synthesizable RTL implementation.And I also design parity check matrix in long code(1KB, 2KB)All are verified by FPGA platform, and the results are below and blog link. you are interested in various applications, please le...


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