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Stm32F103+AD7795 multi-channel acquisition instrument

size:12px;line-height:1.5;">采用意法半导体的微控制器、精密数模转换、数字调零的四路气体浓度采集仪器。    高精度的空气浓度数据采集。    具有温飘补偿、零点补偿等功能。    串口输出。...

Freescale Semiconductor smart car competition source code

Source details, may be used directly in the KEIL microcontroller development, Freescale Semiconductor smart car competition, files included, SCM configuration of each interface uses, how to use, more details...

simple calculator.

calculator. C language completely. Writing a with functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division arithmetic Calculator program. To make it easier to achieve, in our calculators using reverse Poland expression instead of ordinary infix notation. Inverse Poland notation,...

GDOP calculation

GPS positioning, precision GDOP characterization of the relationship between positioning accuracy and errors, smaller satellite calculation of the GDOP value, higher positioning accuracy....

51 control ultrasonic obstacle-avoidance car program



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