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STM3210B-MCKIT motor control starter kit

size:16px;">STM3210B-MCKIT motor control starter kit,电动机控制库,内包含了电动机的矢量控制,异步感应电动机、永磁同步电动机、直流无刷电动机等FOC控制。...

Algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap

Information encryption-the algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap source code contains a main header files and c source fileInfoHidden.h and InfoHidden.cIs to provide an idea if had never been exposed to, we recommend that you look at the algorithm...

Temperature real time wireless transmission program

Application backgroundOwn integrated debugging temperature wireless transmission program. The use of single chip and module: SinoWealth SH88F2051 microcontroller, DS18B20 temperature sensor, NRF24L01 transmitting and receiving module, a 12864 display screen; the language used: keil C. The transmitti...


height:1.5;"> This software may only be used under the terms of a valid, current, end user licence from KEIL for a compatible version of KEIL software development tools. Nothing else gives you the right to use this software....

Plane rotation LED information

Plane rotation LED program SCM STC12C5A32S2 Using wireless power supply method to spin very quiet Matrix software by PC2002 Function: 1. flat panel display fonts 2. graphic display digital clock date week if DS18B20 can display the temperature (adjustable clock clock chip DS1302 with backup bat...

dspic30f2010 to ds1820

pos="23|6" right-pos="23|6" space="1|">DS1820本项目采用控制风机和空调控制室中的空气流...

stm8 discovery

size:16px;">stm8 discovery 源程序 含有内置LCD驱动LCD的程序,非常有参考价值 值得大家学习...

Lithium battery charging code

Application backgroundWith the advent of the global energy crisis, photovoltaic electric vehicles will become the main theme of the era, and as the storage system of the battery has a vital role. Compared with the battery, lithium battery has the advantages of large energy density, small volume and...

AD9850-AD9851 driver

Application backgroundDDS signal generator is widely used in the field of electronic information, AD9850\AD9851 driverKey TechnologyThe driver is written in C language, which is used to drive the AD9850/AD9851 on 51 single chip computer....

Math.h in the CCS file and device.h file

Application backgroundFile contains C language programming of the function of the file, and series of DSP 2833X Device.h file. In the CCS of DSP into frequently used, I believe very useful to love a person....


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