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Dragon eight auxiliary source

Application backgroundThis is - using the C language development, the use of eight games, the development of the use of the DLL software, the application background and key technology can not be the same.Key TechnologyOpened with C, C language development, for the eight part of the dragon, WG aided...

Traffic lights design based on 51 single-chip microcomputer

Based on Keil c, and joint development of the Proteus platform to achieve a two-way design and simulation system of traffic lights at the crossroads, in the system, the microcontroller is used to simulate an intersection traffic lights running, represented by red, green, yellow LED lights, 4 groups...


Application background12864 without character LCD test source code, the display driver, by testing, can display, can display Chinese characters and patterns and figures for 51 single-chip,Key TechnologyFree font 12864 LCD source code, very detailed, very practical -Complete without font 12864 LCD so...

Digital potentiometer AD8403 code

This code realization of 51 single-chip computer control over digital potentiometers feature, available digital potentiometers replace mechanical potentiometers, improves the usability of the product...

Cypress,bulkloop test procedure

this bulk loopback firmware based on the firmware frameworks.Loops back EP2OUT to EP6IN and EP4OUT to EP8IN.Building this example requires the full version of the Keil Tools....

Win9x/NT/2K/XP platform on the virtual printer source code and two examples

Application backgroundWin9x/NT/2K/XP platform on the virtual printer of the source code and two examples, this information contains the following: virtual printer.RarContent full code...

C language on the program to push the box

Application backgroundC language on the program to push the box Stdio.h "#include" Bios.h "#include" LEFT #define 75 RIGHT #define 77 UPPER #define 72 DOWN #define 80 ESC #define 27       ...

lpc2292 ------i2c+can

Initialization code, that has already been validated....

Arithmetic Calculator program

Four simple operation program, written in c, Maximum of 3 numbers in your program and 3 symbol operation. Programs, including the main function main. CAL and calculation function (); Comparison operations priority is required. Program list shown below. #include <...

Good pointer string program

Write your own c program, pointer string source, verify, the program runs correctly, there is a need to learn from it....


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