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Light water design based on SCM

size:16px;">Based on single-chip microcomputer water light design, using the c programming language to implement its functionality. 1,   completed the functional requirements 1)   boot is lit 12 LEDs, blinks three times 2)   according to the clockwise circulation in turn lit light emi...

Car driven compilation of upper and lower computer


Three dimensional Adaptive high precision balance


Implementation of 9 band mixer using DSK6713

Fi设备采用相对简单的过滤器,使低音和高音调节。图形和参数均衡器具有在剪裁的音频信号的频率成分多的灵活性。的均衡器是用来实现均衡的电路或设备。[1] [2]由于均衡器,“调整在特定频率的音频信号的幅度,”他们是“...

Windows Media Player MP3

family:宋体, Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 采用irrkang引擎开发的媒体播放器,界面类似媒体播放器,有均衡器和立体音选项,播放列表等,代码中包含了音频库...

Cycle lights LED lights


Nokia 5110 display program

5110 a LCD display program, usually the 1602,12864 single-chip, showing more, doesn't use much 5110, upload a program that for reference....

MSP430 DS18B20 program

size:16px;">#include uint    temp_value;uint    temp,A1,A2,A3;                 //定义的变量,显示数据处理//************************************************************************* //&n...

Small student management system

Application backgroundStudents information management system, you can insert a new student information, drink and delete the students do not want to information, and print student information list, etc.. As a student information management system of a travel, as a reference, not as powerful as the r...


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