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Windows Media Player MP3

-Irrkang engine used media player, interface similar to media players, has equalizer and stereo audio options, playlists and so on, the code contains audio library...

Cycle lights LED lights

Use the do-while statement, from top to bottom LED lights points while taking advantage of delayed procedures, ensure that the LED lamps bright enough to, to allow people to look at first. As regards the duration of the delay according to the system clock changes...

Nokia 5110 display program

5110 a LCD display program, usually the 1602,12864 single-chip, showing more, doesn't use much 5110, upload a program that for reference....

MSP430 DS18B20 program

#includeUint temp_value;Uint temp, A1, A2, A3; / / define variables, display data processing//*************************************************************************/ / DS18B20 initialization//*************************************************************************Unsigned char DS18B20_Reset (voi...

Small student management system

Application backgroundStudents information management system, you can insert a new student information, drink and delete the students do not want to information, and print student information list, etc.. As a student information management system of a travel, as a reference, not as powerful as the r...

Lexical analysis

Application backgroundDesign, preparation and debugging a lexical analysis program, deepen the understanding of the principle of lexical analysis.Key TechnologyThe basic task of the algorithm is to identify the string representation of the source with the independent significance of the word symbol....

Reliable SIFT stereo matching source code, a real example

Application backgroundSuitable for beginners stereo matching, the SIFT has a strong interest, this code is a good start.Key TechnologyFeature points extraction, obtain the main direction, get the feature descriptor, for stereo matching...

Byte output

Application backgroundMainly used to view the basic array of C language in the KEIL compiler in the size of the byteKey TechnologyBased on C STM32 language editing, serial port configuration method, the use of printf output function, as well as keil software debugging...

Using C language to draw a pattern of "heart"

Application backgroundUsing C language to draw a pattern of "heart". Simple iterative method is used to achieve, which use a number of for loop to achieve a pattern of "heart"....

Modern digital signal processing curriculum related after-school code

Application backgroundTextbook after-school experiment simulation of digital signal processing, including signal correlation function of the code, there is no signal correlation function of the algebraic value, the effect of direct wave and two reflection wave and after equalization effect...


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