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STM3210B-MCKIT motor control starter kit

STM3210B-MCKIT motor control Starter Kit, motor control, and contains the vector control of electric motors, asynchronous induction motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors, brushless DC motors, and other FOC control....

Stm32F103+AD7795 multi-channel acquisition instrument

Application background      four way gas concentration acquisition instrument, which is used in the micro controller, the precision digital analog conversion, digital zero.    high precision air concentration data collection.    with the function of temperature com...

Algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap

Information encryption-the algorithm of information hiding based on BMP bitmap source code contains a main header files and c source fileInfoHidden.h and InfoHidden.cIs to provide an idea if had never been exposed to, we recommend that you look at the algorithm...

Dragon eight auxiliary source

Application backgroundThis is - using the C language development, the use of eight games, the development of the use of the DLL software, the application background and key technology can not be the same.Key TechnologyOpened with C, C language development, for the eight part of the dragon, WG aided...

Temperature real time wireless transmission program

Application backgroundOwn integrated debugging temperature wireless transmission program. The use of single chip and module: SinoWealth SH88F2051 microcontroller, DS18B20 temperature sensor, NRF24L01 transmitting and receiving module, a 12864 display screen; the language used: keil C. The transmitti...

Freescale Semiconductor smart car competition source code

Source details, may be used directly in the KEIL microcontroller development, Freescale Semiconductor smart car competition, files included, SCM configuration of each interface uses, how to use, more details...

Traffic lights design based on 51 single-chip microcomputer

Based on Keil c, and joint development of the Proteus platform to achieve a two-way design and simulation system of traffic lights at the crossroads, in the system, the microcontroller is used to simulate an intersection traffic lights running, represented by red, green, yellow LED lights, 4 groups...

stm8 discovery

STM8 discovery program contains a built-in LCD driver LCD program, has the reference value very worth learning...

Lithium battery charging code

Application backgroundWith the advent of the global energy crisis, photovoltaic electric vehicles will become the main theme of the era, and as the storage system of the battery has a vital role. Compared with the battery, lithium battery has the advantages of large energy density, small volume and...

AD9850-AD9851 driver

Application backgroundDDS signal generator is widely used in the field of electronic information, AD9850\AD9851 driverKey TechnologyThe driver is written in C language, which is used to drive the AD9850/AD9851 on 51 single chip computer....

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