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Data source 1000 cases

Data source 1000 cases of very detailed; Data source, 1000; Data source 1000 cases...

International Checkers

International Checkers, an ancient board game. Far in the ancient Egyptian pharaohs period existed, modern international checkers in the 12th century stereotypes. International Checkers is a national ethnic checkers evolved. Its long history. According to historians study, checkers originated in anc...

QRCODE generated 24-bit bmp bitmap

IntroductionThis is a simple example of the use of libqrencode library, the library from FUKUCHI Kentaro, used to generate QRCode text from bmp files. Online information about the library, but there is no simple example shows how to use it. In this project, demonstrating the solution occurs when usi...


家谱管理系统    任务:实现具有下列功能的家谱管理系统 功能要求: 1). 输入文件以存放最初家谱中各成员的信息,成员的信息中均应包含以下内容: 姓名、出生日期、婚否、地址、健在否、死亡日期(若其已死亡...

Banking simulation system

Suppose a bank has four windows foreign hospitality customers, banks are open from early morning  onwards there have been customers into the bank, because each window can only receive one client  at a time. Therefore, when the number of needs of many customers queuing in front...

--C language data structures series linear tables

Yan Wei-min version mainly to the data structure (c version) chapter II of linear algorithms in c language, can help beginners understand this part ~ ~ ~...

Room management system

Summary rooms management system as a small of information management system, main requirements has following several function:  has established data file (rooms information file, and live guest information file) function; has read into file content of function;  has data keyboard entered a...

Data structure - source code

This is the resources  for the learning of data structure. Basic information is provided . You may find it userful...

Data structure, queue, hospital booking procedures

Application backgroundIn the more complex data processing, it is usually required to save multiple temporary data. If the data is processed first, then the data is needed to store the data.Key TechnologySee a doctor, the first to see the principle, due to the uncertainty of the number of people here...

expression evaluation

Application background1 generation stack structure  2 generation priority static table  evaluation of 3 using two stack to achieve expression  4 output expression evaluation results...

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