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Warburg apparatus and colorimeter

This code is for Arduino Leonardo. The board reads a pressure sensor MPX5010DP, from Motorola, which is conected to a Warburg vessel. The board reads a light sensor TSLR230 from TAOS as well. So you can choose in beetween two modes: MODE COLORIMETER and MODE WARBURG APPARATUS with a button. In both...


space:nowrap;">#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> struct BiTNode           //定义二叉树结构体 {   float data;   struct BiTNode *lchild;   struct BiTNode *rchild; }; //二叉树创建函数 struct BiTNode *CreateTree(float...

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Is the data structure of the navigation map

Data structure experiment navigation charts of all codes, address appropriate course can be achieved by entering the query, you can also select...

Traversal of a binary tree implementation:

Simple realization of binary tree traversal, as a data entry program is very good, although very simple but I did as a beginner trying to write this little program was discovered when some blind spots in my understanding. In practice, data structures, we keep practicing ~ with refueling, which also...

Student information management systems (c)

Authors note: this is the authors have written a c program-a student information management system, which is what I write in the data structure experiment course, relatively simple, but it is helpful for beginners. The system inserts, display, query, delete, sort, count and some basic functions, hop...

Video Store System

size:14px;white-space:nowrap;">该系统允许注册新出租,改变现有的租金数据、 删除文件压缩的租金 按主索引键和辅助键搜索。...

Serial data transfer using input port

size:14px;">该代码由 proteus 8 示意图与 PIC C 编译器的代码组成。串行数据时转移到虚拟终端,输入的端口设置为高。其基本的代码。...

Potentiometer controlled Motor speed

space:nowrap;font-size:14px;">电位器控制电机转速。此代码由 proteus 8 仿真原理和 PIC C 组成pic16f877a 的编译器代码。...


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