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kernel programming - detecting mouse

This program can read the system environment variables, see no mouse. If Yes, will output Mouse is OK, otherwise output No mouse....

Collection of c language

Highlights of the c language type, collection of a large number of the c language type, Has a lot of simple but very practical algorithms, to learn the c language is a rare information....

Based on C, C + +, sort of

space:nowrap;">//希尔排序void ShellSort(int r[], int n){ int i; int d; int j;    for (d=n/2; d>=1; d=d/2)            //以增量为d进行直接插入排序 {     for (i=d+1; i<n; i++)    {         &nbs...

Classic c data structure algorithms

Data structure algorithm c classic   rich content, including: low-level programming, algorithm for binary, arrays, problem, characters, Hanoi, math problems and other units, each portion is the c code in great detail, and can be run directly!...

Student score management system (no file)

Using c language student achievement management, main functions are new student registration, student information changes changes to the registration, student achievement, student achievement, student academic transcripts print format function; this program is rich in the background operation and ot...

Realization of dynamic array

size: 12px;">1. 实现了异常处理模块(C语言实现,非C++);2. 实现了内存管理模块,可以很轻松的申请内存,释放内存;3. 实现了动态数组的创建、释放等操作欢迎下载,欢迎回复...

K-Means in C Programming

size:16px;">// kmeans.c // Ethan Brodsky // October 2011 #include #include #include #define sqr(x) ((x)*(x)) #define MAX_CLUSTERS 16 #define MAX_ITERATIONS 100 #define BIG_double (INFINITY) void fail(char *str) { printf(str); exit(-1); } double calc_dist...

Smooth turn maze

size:14px;">顺滑转弯,可以极大程度上减少电脑鼠在迷宫转弯时的损耗时间。本设计讨论电脑鼠底层驱动算法中有关电脑鼠 转弯部分(90度转弯)的改进算法,该方法改进了以往在电脑鼠转弯过程中首先对左右两个电机同时制动...


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