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kernel programming - detecting mouse

This program can read the system environment variables, see no mouse. If Yes, will output Mouse is OK, otherwise output No mouse....

Collection of c language

Highlights of the c language type, collection of a large number of the c language type, Has a lot of simple but very practical algorithms, to learn the c language is a rare information....

Based on C, C + +, sort of

// Hill sortingvoid ShellSort (int r [], int n){  int i;  int d;  int j;     for (d = n / 2; d> = 1; d = d / 2) // increment d to direct insertion sort  {       for (i = d + 1; i <n; i ++)   {          &n...

Classic c data structure algorithms

Data structure algorithm c classic   rich content, including: low-level programming, algorithm for binary, arrays, problem, characters, Hanoi, math problems and other units, each portion is the c code in great detail, and can be run directly!...

Stacks, queues, to simulate the car park management "data structure"

Modelling in stack parking, formation simulates the sidewalk outside the parking lot, according to simulate the input data sequence reads from the terminal into management. Each set of data includes three data items: car arrival or departure information, registration number and time of arrival or de...

Student score management system (no file)

Using c language student achievement management, main functions are new student registration, student information changes changes to the registration, student achievement, student achievement, student academic transcripts print format function; this program is rich in the background operation and ot...

Box office services

Use of chain table structure, flight information and passenger information chains are defined, by initialization of the link list, insert, and delete operations, such as data entry, modification, routes and passenger tickets be refunded and other functions....

Realization of dynamic array

The project is the implementation of dynamic arrays, which have1. implementation of exception handling module (c language, not C++);2. the implementation of memory management module, you can easily apply for memory, free memory;3. creation of a dynamic array, release operationsWelcome to download, w...

K-Means in C Programming

// kmeans.c // Ethan Brodsky // October 2011 #include #include #include #define sqr(x) ((x)*(x)) #define MAX_CLUSTERS 16 #define MAX_ITERATIONS 100 #define BIG_double (INFINITY) void fail(char *str) { printf(str); exit(-1); } double calc_distance(int dim...

Smooth turn maze

Smooth turns, you can greatly reduce the loss of a computer mouse in the maze when turning on time.  The design discussion on computer mouse driver algorithm on computer mice Turn part (90-degree turn)  algorithm, Improvement of the method in the course of the past, t...


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