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PolarSSL - Straightforward, Secure Communication

title" style="margin:30px 0px 10px;font-family:arial, sans-serif;font-weight:lighter;line-height:28px;color:#2B3990;text-rendering:optimizelegibility;font-size:20px;padding:0px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> PolarSSL 使琐细便于开发者在他们 (嵌入式) 的产品,包...

3 c language implementation of DES encryption algorithm

DES encryption algorithm, contain all the algorithm the encryption and decryption processes to the study of information security personnel have a good reference value!...

ElGamal signature

elgamal算法。关键技术 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;及 ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ...

B-M method (get minimum spanning 01 bit string primitive polynomial)


A5 encryption algorithm

-StartFragment--> a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法a5算法...

algorithm origin RSA with library GMP on visual studio 2013

this  is my code, i used library gmp combine with  c language  when code. I compiled on Visual studio 2013. my program is calculate values for public key n, e, secret key d and after store in file text. the Program have 3 function is calculate, last session of work, generate...

Data Encryption Algorithm, Caesar, Playfair

zero data encryption algorithm (Data Encryption Algorithm, DEA) is a symmetric encryption algorithm, is probably the most widely used key system, especially in the security of financial data, originally developed DEA is embedded in the hardware. Generally, ATM (Automated Teller Machine, ATM) use DEA...

OpenSSL gost-2012 patch

2012和 ;34.11-2012支持OpenSSL 1.0.2d。它是俄罗斯的加密标准。路径被发现在网络和应用OpenSSL最近的来源。关键技术OpenSSL 1.0.2d,GOST 34.10-2012数字签名,GOST 34.11-2012哈希(消息摘要),俄罗斯的加密标准,公钥密码体制,椭圆曲线...


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