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C language implementation of AES and AES CMAC

C/C++ realization of encryption and decryption algorithm and its applications: AES and AES based on CMAC(1.) written in c/c + + AES algorithm, and debugging through.(2). in the realization of AES based on write CMAC algorithm in c/c + +, and debugging through....

Toeplitz matrix operation

Application backgroundProgram is on the top of the CodeBlocks platform debugging, can realize 32768 yards long privacy amplification, privacy amplification after the numerical output in the form of binary.The language used is C...

pgp sdk optest

PGP Software Development Kit Cryptographic Module  Operational Test Notes WHAT IS IT? ---------- The optest program is used as part of the FIPS 140-2 validation process. In particular, section  TE03.14.02  which requires that the tester shall perform each of the specified...

DEC c implementation of the algorithm

DEC encryption algorithm, the information security category, you can implement the VC window validation script. A 64-bit input block of plaintext into 64-bit 64-bit data blocks according to regroup and R0 outputs divided into two parts, each part of the long <span style="font-size:10.5pt;fon...


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