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ucgui trail tools offical

This is the latest official release of ucgui website that contains all the tools we need to build font images and movies that can be used in any micro controller with any lcd driver. it also has simulator which allows you to simulate your embedded graphical user interface on your host machine with n...

Aetna nursing home management software, with PPT

Application backgroundJieGITI nursing homes, homes for the elderly / apartment management platform is Beijing Si Jie GITI Information Technology Co., Ltd. to develop the professional nursing homes (apartment) management software products, mainly used: nursing homes, homes for the elderly, old-age we...


STM32 EMWIN, themselves transplants, download the latest stemwin5.22, there is interested can refer to the following, without an operating system, because most of their products when no operating system on the LCD drivers need to change yourself according to your own application, and the rest is to...

Qt based user interface design and scientific calculators

Qt-based UI design, achieving multiple operations, such as a calculator, simple arithmetic operations, you can also access the binary number conversion (binary into octal and so on), you can also access root, factorial and other operations....

Emwin5.24 simulator

Application backgroundEmwin5.24 simulator, a large number of GUI examples. VS engineering. Can be used as a learning EMWIN entry information....

Struct Movie

This sourcecode is about c programming of a structure about movieType  Define a struct, movieType, to store the following dataabout a movie: movie name (string), movie director (string),producer (string), the year movie was released (int), and number ofcopies in stock. Write a program that decl...

Network interface sends data Assistant

In MFC's interface in c developed a simple interface on network Assistant; Similar to the serial Assistant, this small software can use the Ethernet port to send data; Encapsulating Ethernet frames; Should generally be used for communication between a PC and FPGA; For example...

Energy efficiency cluster based protocol LEACH tcl file in ns2

TCL scripting file for LEACH protocol in wireless sensor network.LEACH, Low-Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy, is an application-specific protocol architecture for Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) widely adopted for various Sensor Network variations. It has become one of the most used bases for deve...

Intelligent transportation systems

    Using the c programming language in the original DOS system, design of intelligent traffic, the actual crossing as a prototype model....

Vehicle speed meter control

Speed controls for aircraft, mainly used in the simulation of vehicle speed instrument, it can be used for training, simulation software, such as interface. Small vehicle speedometer takes up resources, and high efficiency. Test the refresh cycle is less than 5 milliseconds, average of 2 millisecond...

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