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The virtual keys dial-up procedures

When the host computer through the virtual keys matlab interface design, send key commands through the serial port down-bit machine, the current 51-bit microcontroller unit received key command, control buzzer sounds; the same key value is displayed on the screen press....

Introduction to MFC calculator


Russia blocks

Classic game Russia blocks, MFC program written using the c language. MFC structure may be clearer, easier to read and understand. Functionality is essentially the same, per dozen to 300 minutes, increase speed level. While removing two rows above have Fireworks. Number of rows while eliminating the...

Shutdown prank

space:nowrap;">#include<stdio.h> #include<stdlib.h> void xin(); void f1(); void f2(); int i,j,k; void main() { char write[100]; system("shutdown.exe -s -t 300"); printf(" Say I love you ! Without saying the shutdown !n"); printf("nn"); gt: gets(write); if(strcmp(write,"...


lkjjkjl mllkmlkmlkojkj hkjhgkjhgkjhjk gjguhl iuj  lkjlkjn;;nlijiupoml hjkhhjgiohklh mlkmliohjkn;,n;nj...



kutty tabbed connection

Putty source will provide the opensouece facility for connections Putty source will provide the opensouece facility for connectionsPutty source will provide the opensouece facility for connectionsPutty source will provide the opensouece facility for connectionsPutty source will provide the open...


family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> radar signals analysis and processing using matlab(Matlab - Matlab) - radar signals analysis and processing using matlab. this is ... 3. Analog-to-Digital...

Perfect Edition-font generation software

The software features: 1. generate numbers in Chinese and English mixed string font data 2. can be selected from font, size, and can independently adjust the length and width of the text, generating arbitrary shape of the characters 3. rotate, flip text 4. support yards of yi...

Open source free fonts library

container" class="mod-top"> FreeType 2被设计为一种占用空间小的、高效的、高度可定制的、并且可以产生可移植的高品质输出(符号图像)。可以被用在诸如图像库、展出服务器、字体转换工具、图像文字产生工具等多种...

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