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Pb with qrmaker

Active control on QR code: First, run regsvr32 QRMAKER. OCX Second, the VB part QRMAKER. OCX Three, add a window QRMAKER.OCX...

STM32F429 interface TFT 7 inch

A versatile five-channel DMA controller is available in the system, accesses memory using the XDATA memory space, and thus has access to all physical memories. Each channel (trigger, priority, transfer mode, addressing mode, source and destination pointers, and transfer count) is configured with...

chess game

this is a chess game which i implemented as a university project for the course of software project .it has the logic of a chess game with artificcial intelegence and it has a GUI which the user can chose the game level, number of players and a saved game from a list of saved files. it's also possib...

STM32CubeL0: Embedded software for STM32 L0 series

 STM32Cube includes the STM32CubeMX which is a graphical software configuration tool that allows generating C initialization code using graphical wizards.It also comprises the STM32CubeL0 platform which includes the STM32Cube HAL (an STM32 abstraction layer embedded software, ensuring maximized...

TCP client

Application backgroundsimplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your Key Technologytcp message client is simple. tcp message client is simple. tc...

Mouse information

Mouse information, send mouse messages on Windows systems, virtual mouse in the process. Are interested can refer to the implementation of the code space mouse.                        &...

Font software

This function of the software is designed for c language files for automatic extraction of characters needed to display, dot matrix code data conversions are performed in your c programs, there is little need to pay particular attention: Please do not use double quotes in your comments, otherwise it...

Transparent Windows, UI design

A window is divided into 4 parts, can respond to the drag operation, double-click Shutdown. UI design will look...

C language expression

Mainly use c language development, is a beloved person to express choice, enough to touch your heart that she/he...

Salary management system based on c-language development

Through the c language to achieve a typical salary management system, contains the payroll module, which contains the basic data structures using the algorithm and related query, insert, sort, and so on, and data structures for c language learning with the help of upgrade has a larger...

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