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Struct Movie

This sourcecode is about c programming of a structure about movieType  Define a struct, movieType, to store the following dataabout a movie: movie name (string), movie director (string),producer (string), the year movie was released (int), and number ofcopies in stock. Write a program that decl...

Network interface sends data Assistant

In MFC's interface in c developed a simple interface on network Assistant; Similar to the serial Assistant, this small software can use the Ethernet port to send data; Encapsulating Ethernet frames; Should generally be used for communication between a PC and FPGA; For example...

Energy efficiency cluster based protocol LEACH tcl file in ns2

family:Alef, arial, sans-serif;font-size:16px;line-height:26px;text-align:justify;white-space:normal;">浸、 低能量自适应聚类层次,是特定于应用程序协议体系结构的无线传感器网络 (WSN) 广泛采用各种传感器网络变化。它已成为了最常用的基地,为开...

Vehicle speed meter control

size:14px;">飞行器速度表控件,主要应用于模拟飞行器的速度仪表,可用于模拟训练,仿真等软件界面。飞行器速度表控件占用资源小,执行效率高。经测试其刷新周期小于5毫秒,均值为2毫秒。本控件提供丰富的接口。 运...

S3c2440 transplant ucgui instance

The program can I Pro-measuring success at 2440 runs on the Board, feels good and can also be useful visual tool for designing an interface is too powerful, like Qt, although not as powerful as Qt, but its portability is a QT cannot be achieved....


size:16px;">HookApi.x86.x64,  能使用在X86 和 X64下的hook 源代码,  欢迎大家使用分享, VS2008 编写!...

Introduction to MFC calculator


Perfect Edition-font generation software

The software features: 1. generate numbers in Chinese and English mixed string font data 2. can be selected from font, size, and can independently adjust the length and width of the text, generating arbitrary shape of the characters 3. rotate, flip text 4. support yards of yi...

Open source free fonts library

container" class="mod-top"> FreeType 2被设计为一种占用空间小的、高效的、高度可定制的、并且可以产生可移植的高品质输出(符号图像)。可以被用在诸如图像库、展出服务器、字体转换工具、图像文字产生工具等多种...

Trial seegrer UC gui + project at Visual stuidio

output target-output" style="margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px;">seegrer UC GUI +试验项目视觉stuidioUCGUI是在系统应用的嵌入式图形支持。它是专为任何应用程序使用的液晶图形显示提供了高性能的处理器和液晶显示控制器独立的图形用...


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