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Student achievement management system

Use of such ideas, to manage student achievement, using the c language implementation, through programming and debugging, and ultimately achieve input and output, sort, averaging, modified, deleted, added features...

A minute to learn C language interface

Through the study of this code, you can quickly learn C language interface development, code easy to understand, which can let you learn how to beautify your interface, to understand the process of C language to design the interface and function library use and so on....

UCGUI based STM32 control display PWM duty cycle and frequency of the program

Application backgroundBased on STM32 code   touch screen plus GUI DEMO EMWIN interface to join the capture PWM capture process, capture the duty cycle and cycleKey TechnologyBased on the STM32 code & nbsp; adding PWM capture capture program & nbsp; run the GUI demo interface & nbsp; touch scree...

Static calibration software version _MFC

Click MFC.exe to run the program. There are two ways of input data. $1. File input $1.1 For example, I first put the data in the file Apple.txt (this txt file and the MFC.exe file in the same folder, and Txt the input format must refer to template: Apple.txt)...

rsa cryptographic system

RSA Aymetric système cryptographique qui peut encoder un fichier de code secret. ce programme est de développer l'utilisation du langage c et il a couru correctement avec le système Windows. the file content 2 files....

emWin test project

emWin test new window after and beffor implementet to kail project...

TCP client

Application backgroundsimplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your simplist. best choice your Key Technologytcp message client is simple. tcp message client is simple. tc...

Font software

This function of the software is designed for c language files for automatic extraction of characters needed to display, dot matrix code data conversions are performed in your c programs, there is little need to pay particular attention: Please do not use double quotes in your comments, otherwise it...

Salary management system based on c-language development

Through the c language to achieve a typical salary management system, contains the payroll module, which contains the basic data structures using the algorithm and related query, insert, sort, and so on, and data structures for c language learning with the help of upgrade has a larger...

2007WEB Visio control template

Application backgroundVisio 2007 simplified Chinese version of a Microsoft office program flow chart drawing software, Visio to visually transfer important information like opening a template, the shape of the drag and drop to the drawing and the theme of the forthcoming completion of the job applic...


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