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C implementation of LDPC

C and MATLAB implementation of LDPC Want to do simulations of a friend to study down under...

ASN.1 Compiler

The purpose of the ASN.1 compiler is to convert the specifications in ASN.1 notation into some other language. At this moment, only C and C++ target languages are supported, the latter is in upward compatibility mode. The compiler reads the specification and emits a series of target language stru...

Write yourself myls commands from a Linux

Under Linux using c language myls functions similar to the ls command functions, implements-a,-l,-i,-R,-d,-t six options...

Sniffer program under Linux

A network sniffer based on Linux, you can grab the packets on the network ~ 环境: VMware Workstation 6.0,RED Hat 9.0,VI or gedit text editor, the GCC compiler environment, Domain network environment. Part of the code: ... //Sets the way raw sockets to receive all pack...

Math library source code

Complete math library code, suitable for Linux requires c programming environment, can have IAR, Keil and other conditions, can also be used for various C++ environment...

linux kernel references

this zip file contains some important references about Linux Kernel Programming, as below: Building.Embedded.Linux.Systems .chm Linux Device Drivers 3rd.chm Linux.Kernel.Development.3rd.Edition.pdf Understanding.the.Linux.Kernel.3rd.Edition.chm...

Examples of WinCE and linuxRFID_I2c

Radio frequency identification or RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technology, also known as radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific objectives and to read and write data through radio signals, without identification system with a specific goal b...


The famous Portal can be used in wireless router acts as the certification function, is powerful, use with OpenWrt...

Second Edition of the UNIX environment, high-level programming source code

Second Edition of the UNIX environment, high-level programming source code: APUE code compile under UBUNTU, where you need to change a lot, especially ubuntu12.04, after the kernel upgrade to 3. First of all, make some changes, interval-change, modify the MAKE files build Foundation http://blo...

Micro source code

Micro source code, but does not include transmission codes, transmitted through the SOCKET implementation, the basic function of micro-...

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