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Super detailed Linux network programming notes

I. knowledge of Linux networking introduction (1 client and server program 2 commonly used commands 3tcp/UDP introduction) II. elementary functions introduction (socket,bind,listen,accept,connect) III. information about server and client functions (Byte conversion functions, conversion I...

Poker games

space:normal;">用c实现扑克牌游戏,根据小时候玩的扑克牌游戏设计。 用c实现扑克牌游戏,根据小时候玩的扑克牌游戏设计。 用c实现扑克牌游戏,根据小时候玩的扑克牌游戏设计。...

seismic inverse code

family:'Trebuchet MS', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;font-size:13px;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;">地震反演的一个例子。。。里面有文件说明相信大家会好好利用的表面波反演的一个典型的例子。......我相信我们会很好的使用的文档...


align:center;"> linphone分析   看Linphone的代码,主程序很简单,只有三个函数: linphone-1.7.1\console下的linphonec.c中的: main (int argc, char *argv[]) {     if (! linphonec_init(argc,...

ARM video capture programs

This program is based on ARM Development Board video capture programs, Linux environment to develop basic webcam video capture program!...

ARM touch screen driver

Program is based on modified touchscreen driver for arm development boards, is getting started with embedded touch screen development program. This program is developed in C++ with QT the underlying driver. Study on code clarity is easy to study for beginners....

lookbusy 1.3 -- a synthetic load generator for Linux systems

Linux 系统综合负载生成器这是 lookbusy,一种工具,使系统的忙。它使用相对比较简单技术来生成活动 CPU、 内存和磁盘利用率和交通。lookbusy 不是一个基准的工具或现实的负载模拟器。虽然它企图生产负荷因素的实际应用中,陈...

linux web server code

I believe that everyone has heard of Apache, Apache is currently the most widely used my Web server. But their limited, unable to sort out, from the Apache huge source code inside so, I'll take a do it you...

BioAPI 1.10 for Linux

Welcome to the BioAPI Reference Implementation, version 1.11. This is the second public release of the reference implementation.By this time, you should already have read and agreed to the terms set out in the license agreement, located in 00 _ License .htm .  If not, do so now.The next step is...

Network video transmission

Linux network video transmission using the TCP/IP Protocol, both client-and server-side source code, you can direct the compiler to run with good results, but also makes it easy to use on board...

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