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Tube mechanisms to resolve North-South Bridge problem


Software virtual Bluetooth keyboard

Through the implementation of Bluetooth HID specification, Linux computers can be a virtual Bluetooth keyboard for smartphones. Cell phones turn on Bluetooth, Bluetooth input device through connected computers out of service by beating on a computer keyboard, you can accurately synchronized input to...

C fly under Linux IP Messenger

C language under the Linux version of IP Messenger, feature LAN chat, transfer files, and so on. Some notes for easy learning...

Fly IP Messenger (Linux command line version)

family:微软雅黑, 'Microsoft YaHei';line-height:24px;white-space:normal;background-color:#CCE8CF;">飞鸽传书是局域网即时通讯软件,实现局域网内部文字、文件、文件夹的高速传递,,飞鸽传书的应用需求也越来越广,用户的认知度也在提高,成为...


abstract" style="font-size:13px;font-family:arial;white-space:normal;background-color:#FFFFFF;"> 智能家居 方案 程序源代码和下载链接。... 最新源码 nlopt 优化方案可以在 matlab 和 perl 下运行 ...该协议已用于工业传感网络和"智能家居"设备.这...

UDP file transfer

File UDP implementation, the tested 6m/s per second to achieve realization of breakpoint transmission to novice understand socket programming help...

Linux GTK +-based instant messaging software

This source code is in the linux environment is based on GTK + and mysql write instant messaging software, can achieve the basic chat, add friends search, handling offline messaging, file transfer, Wink Send other functions....

Tinyftp is a small FTP server-side c source code

space:nowrap;">Tinyftp, a small FTP server-side c source code for learning purposes. Easy to read, it is easy to extend. But some standards are not the same, but I was thinking. Easy to learn, is the basis of learning Web development well. Good Linux c applet, program more classic....

RTP protocol summary from principles to code


Embedded Linux serial port transceiver

Use serial port to send and receive files, suitable for embedded development, serial communication for data transfer, reads data from files sent through the serial port, and accept data from the serial port on the other end and keep it in a file, has the detailed annotation, suitable for beginners....

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