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MultiTCP TCP congestion avoidance algorithms

MultiTCP is a benchmark environment for testing TCP congestion avoidance algorithms and other TCP enhancements. It uses the kernel logs to print out segments statistics and internal TCP variables, to analyze and understand Linux TCP behavior....

Process and thread control based on Linux

Application background    this is a simple Linux based on the operating system of the producer - consumer issues and documents reading and writing problems...

Circular buf sample

A simple circular buffer to use, the program is relatively simple, 2 threads a line of Cheng Fu accountability writes, one thread is responsible for reading out data...

Linux based TCP file transfer

Server and client programs should be run separately on two computers.Running on the server side implementation of a computer terminal: ./ file_serverComputing devices running on the client's execution: ./ file_client ipaddr_serverAccording to the file on the server and then prompted to enter to be t...

Serial operation program based on Linux platform

Application operated under Linux serial port, you can configure the baud rate, stop bits, parity bits, character mode operation of the serial, communications, and so on....

How to generate routing table in ns2

This consists of two folder:one for static routing and one for greedy helps for routing table in ns2...

Can be simulated based on the commercial vehicle J1939

Application backgroundthis is based on the j1939 protocol for decoding the can related parameters and has the capability to achieve all engine parameters rite from engine oil to pressure and it is a complete protocol stack which is implemented in embedded CKey Technology based on embedded C and de...

FTP client

Application background FTP Client program in C and PHP FTP client program in C and PHP to connect to FTP server with all functionalities of standard FTP.(Tested on many FTP sites).Following functions are included. For example: ls : To list files in current directory on server si...

Micro source code

Micro source code, but does not include transmission codes, transmitted through the SOCKET implementation, the basic function of micro-...

Linux implementation ping

Mimic the Wireshark captured packets under Linux, and a short answer analysis. And simulate ping, send ICMP request packets to the destination address....

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