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c language under linux based chat software

This is a server and client source code, a little flaw is improving learning, better you can contact me, I just beginners, and we want to learn together....

Homemade FTP uploads and downloads

File transfer protocol allows hosts to share files. Generates a virtual FTP use TCP connections for control information, then generate a separate TCP connection for data transfer. Control connection using a TELNET-like protocol commands and messages exchanged with the host. File transfer protocol is...

C Network Agent

Network Agent can be used to proxy access the Internet, similar to ccproxy...

Linux cross compiler

linux cross compiler environment, have been compiled, as long as the 3.4.1.tar.gz decompression, and placed in the system path, modify environment variables can effectively use it, very easy to use....

7zip for power linux

7zip installed on PPC;Installation method using a software package that comes with the installation;Before installation you need to set the permissions to 755

UDP/TCP Client Server app for WiFi Testing QoS

IntroductionThis project consists of a simple UDP server and client programs. If you've never written a program that uses UDP, this is an ideal starting project. The server runs on a local computer, waiting for a datagram request from a remote computer asking for the server's current time. The serve...

Mini2440 based electronic photo album code

Mini2440 based electronic photo album, TD35 LCD, 256M, can be viewed through the mini2440 six keys flip through pictures...

Linux 0.0.1

This is the promised patch to 0.95a, which hopefully corrects some ofthe problems encountered.  This is /not/ an offical new release: it'sjust a set of patches to get the same kernel I am currently running.Bugfixes:- extended partitions should finally work correctly (this release also  con...

IGMP agent

Application backgroundopen source for igmp proxy v1 v2, can be used in L2 switch developmentKey Technology Multicast proxy, customer can porting for L2/L3 switch device...


Application backgroundapplication runs on c under linux to test the undestanding of client_server programming >>> you can modify it to get your requirementsKey Technologyit use the technology of socket programming i used tcp socket to test the understanding of network programming...

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