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Mobile telephone system

Implements a simple mobile phone systems. Implement a simple Mobile phone system. Implement a simple Mobile phone system. Implement a simple Mobile phone system. Implement a simple Mobile phone system. Implement a simple Mobile phone system. Implement a simple Mobile phone system....

On Linux the string mouth programming

On Linux the string mouth programming, there are details of serial correlation...

Stream socket interface

Stream socket programming under Linux. Traditional socket-based package to achieve a simple stream socket interface. Openvswitch source lib library is about stream.c in the removal with the original software with files in the coupling part, stream.a by independent and reusable libraries....

Linux development Russia block

Based on c language and signals, such as knowledge, familiar with modular thinking. And in-depth understanding of concurrency and multithreading case, changes to the code may deepest step....

sample program in C

To illustrate, here is a simplified version of the UNIX program cp, which copies one file to another. Our version copies only one file, it does not permit the secondargument to be a directory, and it invents permissions instead of copying them....

Doubly linked list insertion elements

Source code is original, detailed implement double linked list insertion deletion of elements in the data structure, and Linux memory management in Linux kernel the bidirectional endless chain table realization principle, one cannot compile on a win for the time being because the win can't be met by...

Linux Gets the card list

Source code obtain a list of network cards under Linux.Refer to ethtool tools source code...

Socket programming under Linux communication program

Use Socket socket programming, designed in a simple chat program under Linux. Procedure is divided into client and server-side applications and command line use, no interface. Have implemented the following features: new user registration, pre-register user user with the same name already exists, yo...

direver ade7758

this is a driver to write and read data from ic ADE7758, the lincense this code is GLP, therefore, it can be easily modified to c language version of your use....

Llinux under system programming example

Just something simple, in the learning system programming example. Environment is a Red Hat Linux system. Examples are very simple, beginners can very well read some mechanism for processes and threads. Including the process of communication in several ways. Also includes deadlocks, piping, etc...

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