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World's most advanced compiler LLVM code package

LLVM is a framework compiler (compiler), frame system, written in C++, and for optimization of programs written in arbitrary programming languages compile-time (compile-time), links (link-time), running time (run-time), as well as idle time (idle-time), and remain open to developers, and is compatib...

Finding the Solution matrix of a set of any number of linear equations in any number of variables.

Here is a program : Given n number of linear equations in m variables, this program finds the solution matrix which is then interpreted to state the solutions(if possible) of the equations or tell if there are infinite solutions....

RT Linux demo

FIFO scheduling policy of Linux, Thread1 priority is higher Thread2 priority...

my random.c, Linux example driver

This code accompanies Michael Eager's blog Getting started with Embedded Linux: Part Seven from April 2014. The article describes the step-by-step development of a simple character device driver for Linux that returns a pseudo-random number when read. This is a similar to the /dev/random v...

ECos crop a document

Embedded operating system eCos (embedded Configurable operating system) is a configurable real-time operating system source code is open, stable and reliable operation of the system, the functional architecture of perfection, development costs can be controlled, highly configurable, scalable, portab...

Configured Uboot

Configured Uboot, the Bootload to ARM11 ok6410 platform. Supports nandflash dm9000 's network card. SD card and nandflash launch can be achieved in two ways....

Feature Selection

This program is FCBF feature selection. Feature selection method based on correlation measure and relevance  & redundancy analysis....

A rotating ball around a circle in OpenGL

I have made this project using c programming language in OpenGL . This projects includes a small ball that rotates around a big circle in clockwise and anticlockwise direction again and again . If anybody does not want to see the rotation he/she can press escape button to exit its execution . It als...

Tower of Hanoi game

The following code implements the game Tower of Hanoi using stacks...

Simple socket communication, with gtk interface

Simple socket communication interface using gtk made a  Operating environment: CentOS 6.0 32-bit systems which window client label is wrong, should show from server...

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