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NS2 code AODV

simulation in ns2 with AODV protocol.This source code help to understand the protocol network. This revels the packet throughput, network bandwidth and packet end of delay in the network....

Process pipeline

Implements a simple pipe communication between processes. Creating anonymous pipe; create a child process; execute child process; the child process to the parent process writes data, close the read end of the pipe; implement parent process; Parent process to child process writes data read...

weather monitoring

Weather Monitoring System ORP. Skip Navigation Links. Real-time monitoring, Expand Real-time monitoring. Historical data, Expand Historical data. Teaching ... Weather sensors and monitoring equipment from Stevens Water, including precipitation (rain) gauges, wind speed and...

Pipeline Communications

int main(int argc, char **argv){int pipefds[2],pipefds2[2];pid_t pid;int i,j;char buffer[255];If (pipe (pipefds) < 0)//first pipeline{printf("errorn");}pid=fork();if(pid<0)exit(1);if (pid==0){close(pipefds[1]);memset(buffer,0,sizeof(buffer));while(1){I=read (pipefds[0],buffer,sizeof...


Through the development board buttons to control the specific lights on the board of the light16.LED operation  16.1           ; load driving module, lights all the lights;           ; unloading driver module to shut down all the lights...

Font generation

Understanding of countless Windows program, never shown the Chinese characters and English letters as one thing. This also no wonder, when writing the program window, what SetWindowText, MessageBox, SetDlgItemText and so on, you only need you want to display the string passed into the, then compile,...

Embedded tools

I uploaded are two development tools in the Linux environment, GDB and GCC compile tool linking tool, if you have a Linux development, such as driving ... And so on, when you need to build development tools, will use two tools to the current, you will be able to use them for the perfect development...

nachos HW3

Nachos fork handling This homework provides the instruction to install and test run the Nachos instructional operating system within our ECS UNIX system.  In addition, it is also a reading assignment which provides an introduction to the software. Please read and comprehend the ma...

simple telnet

linux c programming server, client beginer socket study...

Reverse a string using pointers

#include <stdio.h> #include <string.h>  void my_strrev(char* begin) {  char temp;  char* end;  end = begin + strlen(begin)-1;  while(end>begin) {  temp = *end;  *end = *begin;&nbs...

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