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TIFF format image data reading program

The code can manipulate image files in Tiff format, first class information file headers, file information can be identified. Includes two functions read and write TIFF TIFF image image separately for reading image pixel data in a TIFF file and save the image data back to TIFF format images....

Fingerprint recognition

VC++ source code for fingerprint identification system, a Bachelor's graduate design. Description: due to the uniqueness of fingerprints and invariance, and fingerprint recognition technology has a high degree of feasibility and practicality, fingerprint recognition has become the most popular and...

Jsteg c source code

Steganography to embed a JPEG graphic image processing tool-a JPEG graphic image processing embedded steganography tools...

OpenGL implementation model display and operation

Display of three dimensional model through Opengl, supports zoom, rotate lamp operation!! Mode of operation is as follows: Move: press and hold the left mouse button to move it. Zoom in: press the keyboard s Zoom out: press w Rotate: press the ↑ or ↓ keys the keyboard (rotation aro...

stm32 控制P9823 RGB IC

Own debug control full-color RGB IC P9823 drivers stm32f030 content focus control IC delay section, full-color, because no oscilloscope. So only a little bit of debugging, P9823 can pass the test by using WS2811...

Picture coding source code "to decoding and encoding Jpeg pictures in BMP format"

Reading images in JPEG format via code to decode, convert images in BMP format, and saved automatically. Flow chart of fig to the program's code, namely, image decoding and coding theory....

Target detection program

Program is based on the VC6.0 and OpenCV object detection program, the program notes detailed, initial contacts were able to read, is an excellent program for learning object detection, and compile and run are available. Target detection algorithm used in the program is a simple frame-difference met...

Designing monopoly based on OpenCV

OpenCV based on the Monopoly game design, the code uses OpenCV to implement change, walking every step of Monopoly, specific steps can be found in the game Monopoly rules to better understand the development of this game and play....


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