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configuration file menu

Achieved by adding dynamic menu configuration file, there are procedures and analytical analysis file, and then still not perfect, clear structure, easy to learn....

STM32 UCOS 显示源码

The source code is written based on the Keil MDK. The above development environment does not the keil option, do not know why? This program can run directly on the AC adapter the STM32 development board. Written UCOS+UCGUI....

H261 source code


8 connected components labeling

The realization of the 8 connected domain labeling, the return value is thenumber of markers, input and output a corresponding note in the source code. Marked effect after hundreds of tests, no problem. Dynamic librarycorresponding also add...

Mouse picking YUV image values

YUV component picks up the mouse the cursor,RGB transformation YUVAnd the red, yellow and blue for simple testing.Windows, images, Web pages can be detected.Detection algorithm of color can be modified, used for purposes....

JPEG display



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