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Mini graphics drawing

Simple graphics using MFC. Simple drawing program. To draw simple shapes, rectangle, rounded polygon, and so on. To draw graphics on the color of the fill. Draw cubes, and migration and rotation operations. Draw Bezier curves and b-spline curves....

Picture reading based on OpenCV

Application backgroundInstall opencv on the basis of the picture to read the simple procedures, only for beginners to use, the use of OpenCV fast, simple...

1206 description

#include "LCD1602.h" void LCD1602Write(UINT8 type, UINT8 data) { uint8_t i ; uint16_t val, tmp = data; if(type == CMD) GPIO_ResetBits(LCD1602PROT, RS); //RS=0 writing instruction else GPIO_SetBits(LCD1602PROT, RS); //RS=1 writes GPIO_ResetBits(LCD1602PROT, RW); //RW = 0 ;...

Facial organ location

Facial feature locating system that can be run directly, not only can detect human faces, and you can mark the eyes, nose, mouth and other parts, based on OpenCV development system...

C reading and writing digital pictures

C language in order to read and write BMP bitmap operation, and grayscale images are simple operations, such as the left corner of the image is processed to make the grayscale image into the lower left corner of the black, as well as change the color palette of the image, change the green component....

Wavelet transform image enhancement

Foggy circumstances, because of atmospheric scattering effect, led outdoor surveillance system captures images of low contrast, scenery is not clear, for production had a certain impact on the lives of human beings, so the decline in foggy conditions quality image sharpening method of research is of...

Draw graphics by mouse click

Create two main menu and submenu, mode--what shape can be selected through the menus, you can also select a color. Through the current status of the specified, to draw graphics. Determined by two diagonal points of the rectangle. Click the mouse once to determine a point....

MPR Construction program

This C  code can be used  to create an Multi Point Relay  (MPR) on a Graph Multipoint relays (MPR) are nodes in Wireless ad hoc network that do the job of relaying messages between nodes. They also have the main role in routing and selecting the proper route from any source to a...

Image file information extraction and image processing

Use image processing written in c language code, into the image file information extraction and binarization in two parts. Adding files to a project, and compiled exe files are generated, use the console to run the exe file you can implement the appropriate action. Procedure code has passed the test...


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