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Based on the UDP socket client server programming

基于 UDP 的 socket 编程 —— Client / Server-side interaction programs 一、基于 UDP 的 socket Network programming flow chart 二、 C/S (客户端 / Server-side) simply interactive PC implementation steps 2.1 客户端( Client ) Program execution...

C / C ++ source code that implements the specified URL to read

VC6.0 prepared to achieve the specified URL web content to read and record to a file, easy to find web pages for keywords on the page is re-group report, etc; using wininet communication technologies....

OpenSSL multi-threaded server program

The server is implemented based on OpenSSL, supports multiple clients simultaneously connected, self-receiving, configurable port supports single and bi-certification, as long as a building project under the VC compiler can use, the compilation process needs to include libeay32.lib ssleay32.lib Wsoc...

Windows Socket development

Vs2010 development platform, open Server, modify the IP and port as needed, and then open the client, the same as needed modify the IP and port. As the news server continuously reads the keyboard, the client receives a keyboard message....

The development and Realization of online chat system

Application backgroundChat system development and implementation of development background is mainly to meet the needs of social development and the tools necessary for communication between network socialization of human and human, this system can realizes the chat server and client, can also achie...

Simple Winsock chat program based on MFC

Application backgroundMFC simple chat interface design, based on the IP address to build the TCP connection. Can achieve the same area network connection. Is a very simple and very basic MFC chat program, the latter will slowly update chat version. Thank you.Key TechnologyMFC class library, and Wins...

Socket programming to achieve a simple chat room function

Application backgroundTCP protocol is a connection oriented protocol, which provides a series of data error correction function, which can guarantee the data transmitted in the network in time, and without error. Therefore, the application of Socket programming model is the most widely used in conne...

Insertion sort

/* insertion sort ascending order */   #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <time.h>   int main() {   int n, array[1000], c, d, t;     printf("Enter number of elements\n");   scanf("%d", &n);     printf("Enter %d i...

CS create and file transfer Client and Server mode

Implements file transfer download and execute concurrently,  receive and send the file of download, implements a server to handle multiple client requests for file download, this program written in c language, socket connections are described in detail, making it simple and accessible....

Reverse String

This code simply coverts a typed word into its reverse.If you input a string for instance a word it displays back a reverse of itself,....


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