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LTE link simulation code

LTE link simulation codes, so completely that understanding of LTE has a lot of help....

MATLAB mobile model

MATLAB simulation of random direction model, random waypoint model, gaosimaerkefu model, a random walk model CV model...

Centroid localization algorithm matlab source code

Centroid localization algorithm based on RSSI, MATLAB source code, used to ask norm the norm function cycle and threshold values established pursuant to regulation, display effect and said error, locating the center of mass General in node density effect of bigger is better, it is also location of d...

Pedestrian evacuation simulation

Application backgroundHas the obstacles and export modify evacuation is in good condition, can download to learn and use is matlab simulation, xingrenshusan.m main program and other documents Dststspread.m fire hazards in the infectious and evacuation PopSn.m, GUI renyuanshusan.fig, ShuSanDieDai.m e...

Calculation of the coverage of wireless sensor

Within the monitored area of the 500*500, the random deployment of 110 to a sensor node. The sensing RADIUS is 60, sensing an angle of 90 °. Its fixed-location, sensing direction adjustable in program change 50 times to get the sensor direction, achieve maximum coverage, and sensing coverage maximu...

APF model matlab

APF models, using IP-IQ method and dq0 method for harmonic and reactive current detection using PI controller as a Compensator, and three-level spwm modulation, PWM pulses, with LR as source, and add the LCL filter, line side, effects and it felt good, some parameters require further adjustments...

Three-level svpwm inverter

On the three-level svpwm inverter in the study of vector control system of induction motor, use the svpwm.MDL file to the collection, Kiss ~ ~ ~ in the graduation, the continuous search, obtained from expert hands, we want to help....

Unscented particle filter (UPF)

Unscented particle filter (UPF) for target tracking and other systems or other nonlinear filtering algorithm, I can provide help and guidance. If appropriate write matlab program can also help. Welcome to AC! The following is an entry-learning program particle filter applied pure azimuth angle obser...

The navigation simulation

This is a PINS TOOL BOX, which contains many of the navigation case, has proven to be correct, there are various navigation modes, it is worth learning and reference...

Cognitive radio networks matlab codes

This file contains matlab code for cognitive radio systems whit primary and secondry users. This is the simplest code....

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