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APF model matlab

IQ method and dq0 method for harmonic and reactive current detection using PI controller as a Compensator, and three-level spwm modulation, PWM pulses, with LR as source, and add the LCL filter, line side, effects and it felt good, some parameters require further adjustments...

The navigation simulation

size: 18.0180187225342px;"> PINS工具盒,它包含了许多导航的情况,已被证明是正确,有不同的导航模式,值得学习和借鉴...

Calculation of the coverage of wireless sensor

Within the monitored area of the 500*500, the random deployment of 110 to a sensor node. The sensing RADIUS is 60, sensing an angle of 90 °. Its fixed-location, sensing direction adjustable in program change 50 times to get the sensor direction, achieve maximum coverage, and sensing coverage maximu...

Unscented particle filter (UPF)


Simulink magic tire model

In this code, we will go through a series of actual parameters to compare the mode parameter in the formula, and finally select an optimal set of parameters, tire model building....

mach zehnder interferometer

to reduce the phase noise in psk signals using feed forward circuit.we send the light to two interferometers,and we can get different output detected by photo detectors. this processs can takes place in simulation part....

Two-level SVPWM DSP28335 program


OFDM full information


Round fitting MATLAB programs


An MMAS based on improved Ant Colony algorithm

size:14px;">一种基于MMAS改进的蚁群算法,主要改进如下: 1.采用经营策略,只对最优路径上的蚂蚁信息素进行更新; 2.相遇策略,当两只蚂蚁在寻优的过程中相遇,则路径短的一只蚂蚁死掉,并将自己路径与路径长的蚂...

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