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RBF neural network for prediction of grinding data

Application backgroundThrough the training of RBF neural network, data for grinding data, four input, one output...

And Gate With Cellular automata


Digital image processing Gonzalez source code


Speech recognition

A very good explaining the speech signal recognition article, which contains the principle of automatic speech recognition, algorithm introduces MATLAB simulations is a very good information, hope for all of us....

Guy's circle algorithm with estimated number of changes with SNR

Gaishi circle algorithm of spatial spectral estimation to estimate the number of sources is the signal method in the classic algorithm of estimation of source number, this program mainly focuses on the algorithm in the case of white noise about their reliability. Galeazzi round algorithms are useful...

Ant Colony algorithm for TSP source

Conditions for using Ant Colony optimization algorithm:1 be able to use a graph to illustrate the issues to be resolved2 the ability to define a positive feedback process3 the problem itself can provide problem-solving by heuristic information4 to create the constraint mechanismAnt Colony algorithm...

About RA (repeat accumulate code) and a method of optimizing use of the EXIT chart

indent: 28px;">重复累积(RA)码是一种新型的纠错码,不仅具有与Turbo码、LDPC码相同的优越性能,而且其编译码算法与码长呈线性关系。本书主要介绍了RA码的编译码原理及其在通信系统中的应用,共分9章,主要包括RA码的研究背...

Fuzzy control of permanent magnet synchronous motor

Application backgroundFuzzy PID control technology for space vector PWM control of permanent magnet synchronous motor...

Matlab to solve the response, not in the


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